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Meet Our Team

Traci Childress (Founder): Project Visionary with a Masters of Organizational Leadership. I offer my missions experience, a love for people and teaching, as well as, a mandate to educate and disciple others to walk in their purpose.


Charles Childress (Board Member):  Customer Solutions & Technology Specialist, Entrepreneur, and Writer. He offers our team an understanding of sound business practices, strategic thinking, team building, balance and wisdom. He loves to educate and has a grace to bring people in to understanding.

Michele Aikens (Board Member): CEO of Sepia Prime Communications & Consulting. She offers our team her ability to see talents and gifting, knowledge of media and marketing, a platform for promotions and an assignment to empower women to do something great with their lives.

Vanessa Westley (Board Member): CEO of Heart to Serve (H2S) and Bridging the Divide Project Manager for the Chicago Police Department. Officer Westley understands the necessity of bringing healing to a community, and shares her skills in  problem-solving, expertise on funding and running non-profit organizations, along with her heart for empowering women.

Gwen Hill (Board Member): Author of Ending My Crisis and CEO of TST Consulting. She adds to our team her expertise in course design, development, and delivery. She understands how to get to the center of heart of issues and how to navigate a way out. 

Tracey Mayberry - TBP Regional Director-Designate (US): Tracey offers The Butterfly Project a combination of education in Marketing Communication, Special Events and Promotions, along with organizational skills, and her passion for all things "computer," especially software.  

Rebecca Wandera  - TBP Regional Director (Uganda) : Co-Pastor of Mbaale  Community Church in Uganda, farmer and entrepreneur. She offers The Butterfly Project her experience as a leader, understanding of micro-lending, influence in her community, and insight into the needs of the women in rural Uganda.

Our Values

  1. To be biblical in approach

  2. To be ethical in practice

  3. To be selfless in our display of service

  4. To be relentless in our pursuit of excellence

  5. And in all things, motivated by love (1 Corinthians 13)

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