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The goals of the Butterfly Project include...

  • Creating a program that supports projects and business developed by women in impoverished parts of the world

  • Building confidence in local women by helping to develop a micro-lending program from within their village

  • Establishing spiritual hubs, through partnership, where program activities can be carried out

  • Encourage the development of support systems that promote community and provides both spiritual and financial education.


Upcoming Mission: Mbaale Village in Uganda (September 3-11 2019)

  • Join the team

  • Meet the Women of Mbaale/Home visit

  • Attend/assist in the ceremony celebrating graduates of our first full-year sewing program

  • Participate in the first Bold Move Event conference, which is designed to encourage, strengthen and equip women to be more effective and successful in the market place.

  • Also witness the distribution of micro-loans to qualifying applicants at the close of the conference. Click TBP Micro-loans for more info or to help us reach our $7,000 goal to offer 35 loans to start or expand their business.

  • Assist with the transport and distribution of dresses and shorts (300 plus) made by Dress A Girl Around the World

  • View and assist in transporting new crafts made my the Mbaale village women

Sound like something you want to be a part of?  Well then, fill out the contact form below and let's discuss how YOU can get involved, or call 708.365.9844 and ask for Traci Childress (Missions Coordinator)

You can also support the team with a donation of any amount.

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