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Building a better future with Micro-loans

Everyone Has A Story

"My name is Jane Nakaziba I am a widow, I learnt to make crafts when I was a girl and I still make them for survival. I stay with three orphans, but through struggle. My future plan is to get a loan with The Butterfly Project to expand on my crafts and keep some goats. I know our friendship with Apostle Traci and The Butterfly Project will pave my destiny, despite my age." (74 years of age, seen in the first slide aabove).


The median monthly income for working women in rural Uganda is $27 USD, with a large percentage of families having no income, and labeled as chronically poor. Necessities are often out of reach for the average person and being unable to pay for them can have very serious consequences. One woman, in Mbaale Village, was pregnant and required urgent medical care to save her life and her child's life. Going to the hospital meant committing to pay the entire bill even though she knew that the expenses were out of reach for her and her husband. If her bill was not paid when the time came to be discharged, she would be remanded to a section in the hospital, with the bill increasing daily, until the bill was settled. In her case, the bill for 5 days of care totaled $230. Thankfully, her involvement with The Butterfly Project brought much needed relief. Even situations, like not being able to pay rent, can result in being arrested and jailed until what is owed is paid.


Access to agricultural land is the main economic activity for 80% of Uganda's population, and women are reported as doing 85% of the agricultural production and processing though in reality, they are not being compensated for their contribution. Now, that laws have been passed to unshackle Ugandan women from their former limitations, what remains necessary to accompany these policies are the resources to bring about tangible results. Having capitol will allow women to consider other means of work, such as making clothing and accessories, or owning produce or hardware stores. Being able to establish sustainable income for their households is one of the primary ways to end the cycle of poverty in their communities.

Research has shown the success of micro-lending programs, as evidenced by Women's Micro-Finance Initiative  (WMI), Plan International, and other organizations specifically lending to women. In an endeavor to be a part of the solution on our mission field, The Butterfly Project (TBP) lent it's first two-year micro loan  to a group of 20 women in Mbaale Village, for the purpose of planting a sugar cane crop. We are pleased to report the crop is on track to be harvested in Feb. 2019. Not only will the loan be paid in full, but that same planting will continue to yield for two more seasons, which makes for a very good investment.


A little can go a long way. We don't have to be rich to care, and that is exactly how Traci Childress/Founder of The Butterfly Project, began a campaign to Be A Part of the Solution. Phase II of our micro-lending program, which will include the $500 from the first loan, is to raise awareness and $6,500 in donations so that the program can expand, supplying 35 individual women with loans to start or expand their businesses. The $7,000 will not only cover the short-term loans (3-6 months), it will also pay local staff to maintain the program for a full year.


  • Make a one-time gift using our Funding Link   .You can also use the CASH APP. Our Cash tag is $Gpministries, or you can mail a check or money order to Grace and Power Ministries, 9445 Indianapolis Blvd., #1099, Highland IN 46322

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